Pratishruti Palliative Home
Care Project

 Palliative Home Care was a long awaited dream of Pratishruti Cancer and Palliative Trust which is flagged off on 15th December 2018 on its foundation day.

Pratishruti Palliative Home Care is a community level project having a vision of complete voluntary participation of the people for the people by the people through the people approach to  provide basic palliative service at door step by primary palliative care team directly managed and supervised by specialists team.

Palliative care is a specialized medical care for the people with life threatening illnesses. The aim of this care is an approach to improve quality of living of the person and also their family members by advanced planning , to relief the sufferings as a part of illness . It is possible to alleviate illness related pain and distress by means of early detection and assessment of physical, psychological and spiritual well being. Palliative care is vital and integral part of all medical clinical practices, whatever the illness or its stage is. The diseases like advanced stage of cancer, neurological disorders like alzheimers, parkinsons,end stage kidney diseases, Chronic obstructive lung disease HIV AIDS, Geriatric ages health issues etc are many life limiting conditions where Palliative care is required . These chronic conditions can not be cured but their sufferings can be relieved by supporting them at difficult times. Home care service will cover Cancer and Non Cancer conditions requiring palliative care.

Palliative care is provided at hospital as consultation or outpatient or inpatient department in a hospital model for those patients with life limiting illnesses who have ability to travel to hospital. Another model is Community or Home based Palliative care model which offers best approach for new knowledge and skills to be utilized to reach everyone in target population of community. WHO initiated this public health strategy to integrate into health care system. This home care model is strongly supported by trained health care workers, volunteers and home care nurses and doctors directly trained and supervised by. The home care team can liaison with specialist palliative care professionals when such need arises. Basically it’s a top up, bottom down approach. Palliative care facility/program in the community ensures continuity of care, patient feel supported in allay of fear, anxiety and desolation, can lower the expenditure on costly hospital beds for incurable patients. Emotional support ,spiritual support, prophylaxis for avoiding bedsores, appropriate nutrition, wound care etc can make a positive impact when family or community members are empowered. It is possible to ensure culturally appropriate dignified death by caring at home and by involving family members and surrounded by them .

This project is to help you, me ,and our community to cope with the everyday challenges of living with a serious illness by preparing and empowering ourselves better . That is why community is coming forward to take responsibility of their own fellow friends in all dimensions of health in a the spirit of what Mahatma Gandhi’s aphorism said ‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world. It is the health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold or silver’’ when they need most. It is aimed as community self sustained program, and will generate own resources from within the community by various means that is deemed fit at any point of time.

Advisory Panel

  • Dr Alak Kumar Buragohain
  • Dr Hiranya Kumar Goswami
  • Dr Dinesh Ch Goswami
  • Dr Rina Ahmed Dutta
  • Dr Santanu Kumar Sarma
  • Mr Debasish Borpujari
  • Mr Nirod Dutta

Service Jurisdiction : Dibrugarh District

Service Provider : Pratishruti primary palliative care team.

Cost : Only registration fee

Contact No. : Helpline no . : 6001830079 / 6001688341

Sponsored by : Pratishruti Benevolent Donors

Convenor : Dr G S Borgohain

Concept , design and development : Dr Gayatri Gogoi

Specialist Palliative Consultant honorary: Dr Pollov Borah

Coordinator : Panna Bharali

Joint coordinators

  • Human Resource and Training : Wazir Bin Qutub
  • Website management and media awareness : Partha Pratim Bhuyan
  • Communication and fund mobilization :Asmita Kalita and Nilotpal Sarmah

Nursing Consultant Honorary : Dalimi Gogoi

Team members :

  • Dimpee Keot
  • Kobita Rajwar
  • Sangita Kurmi
  • Tripti Lodh

Specialists Consultant Panel [Honorary]

  • Dr Rudra Kanta Gogoi, Convenor ( Prof. of Rediology )
  • Dr Ramesh Saharia ( Surgical Oncologist )
  • Dr. Mriganka Baruah ( Medicine )
  • Dr. Pranjal Kr Dutta ( Medicine )
  • Dr.Anil Kalita ( Medicine )
  • Dr Siddhartha Sarma ( Dental Surgeon )
  • Dr.Gourangie Gogoi ( Community Medicine )
  • Dr Gunabhi Ram Das ( Surgical Oncologist )
  • Dr Dhrubajyoti Bhuyan ( Psychiatrist )
  • Dr Dhurjuti Nandan Das ( Gynochologist )
  • Dr.Pankaj Deka ( Gynae Oncologist )
  • Dr. Kunjahari Medhi ( Medical Oncologist )
  • Dr.Nitu kr Das ( Neuro surgon )
  • Dr.Goutam Sarma ( Radiation Oncologist )
  • Dr.Asif Iqbal ( Hematologist)
  • Dr Jolly Rabha ( Paediatrician )
  • Dr. Dhurbajyoti Kurmi ( Neurosurgeon )
  • Dr. Foujia Shireen Hakeem

Specialist Onco Imgine Consultant

Dr. Debo Kr Baruah

Laboratory medicine Consultants

  • Dr. Mondita Borgohain
  • Dr Malabika Saikia

Financial management: Manjula Agarwal

Transportation and official communication : Himmat Choudhury

Helpline management : Dipali Saikia

Research Panel

  • Dr Gourangie Gogoi, Coordinator
  • Dr Rashmi Ahmed


Community Sensitization an Mobilization Team
Niranjan Bagaria
Mouchumi Gogoi

Organizations extending active support

  • Guwahati Palliative Care Society
  • Assam Medical College and Hospital
  • Deepsikha Foundation
  • MGM Hospital
  • Aziz Hospital and Diagnostics

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