Aims & Objectives :

  • To initiate cancer awareness program on risk factors of cancer which may be a part of social practices such as chewing of tobacco, smoking, alcohol intake, early marriage; to remove social stigma/ misconception, fear, sensitize about various signs symptoms and means of detection and treatment.
  • To  take steps for the early detection of cancer such as screening camps
  • To provide, palliative care which includes physical, psychosocial, spiritual support for patients with chronic pain, cancer and other life threatening illness
  • To help in supply of palliative drugs, essential medicine and paramedical man power for caring the patients.
  • To disseminate cancer related information to patients and families, including Government initiatives such as various financial benefits.
  • To organize lectures, conferences, seminars, workshop and other training courses on screening/ palliative care for doctors, nurses and other health workers.
  • To sensitize the public to partcipate in community  palliative care.