Inception :

“Pratishruti Cancer and Palliative Trust, Dibrugarh”, a nonprofit foundation to serve in the field of cancer and palliative care, with the objective to empower community with a scientific approach to beat and fight cancer. A group of dedicated people came together to give birth to a vision to improve the status of those living with cancer and maintain the quality of life till last breath and beyond by palliative care. With this bold vision as guiding principle-“PRATISHRUTI” was incepted on 15th December of 2017. The individuals behind this mission are cancer survivors, family members of affected patients, conscious motivated citizens of all walks of life including doctors, nurses and paramedics.

Our Vision and Mission

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in India after cardiovascular disease. Cancer is a disease which is inherently associated with tremendous amount of sufferings physical , mental and social. Understandably, it can not be treated by doctors or hospital alone, but requires coordinated treatment or care by family, friends and community. India have over 14 lakhs cancer cases and one will develop cancer out of 10 individuals after the age of 75 years according to Indian Council of Medical Research data. India lost nearly 6.7 billion USD in 2012 due to cancer, amounting to 0.36 per cent of the total GDP. Assam has very poorly developed infra-structure for comprehensive cancer care which add to more mortality, morbidity and financial stress. The mission of Pratishruti is to coordinate, collaborate, support in all aspect of cancer control and offer palliative care to reduce the impact of the disease on survival, function, and quality of life . The vision is to support the affected people in general and more specifically to disadvantaged section of society who has no access to care due to unequal distribution of resources , such as facilities concentrated in bigger metros and negligible in sub-urban or rural areas.

Aims & Objectives :

  • To initiate cancer awareness program on risk factors of cancer which may be a part of social practices such as chewing of tobacco, smoking, alcohol intake, early marriage; to remove social stigma/ misconception, fear, sensitize about various signs symptoms and means of detection and treatment.
  • To  take steps for the early detection of cancer such as screening camps
  • To provide, palliative care which includes physical, psychosocial, spiritual support for patients with chronic pain, cancer and other life threatening illness
  • To help in supply of palliative drugs, essential medicine and paramedical man power for caring the patients.
  • To disseminate cancer related information to patients and families, including Government initiatives such as various financial benefits.
  • To organize lectures, conferences, seminars, workshop and other training courses on screening/ palliative care for doctors, nurses and other health workers.
  • To sensitize the public to participate in community  palliative care.

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