Pratishruti Helpline number:

On 15th December 2018, two dedicated Helpline numbers were introduced (6001830079 & 6001688341). These cancer helpline numbers are second in Assam after Deepsikha Foundation as with ready answering desk. The aim of the helpline numbers are to provide the easiest way of reaching out to volunteer services of Pratishruti which include broadly social, physiological, emotional, financial coordination and treatment support. Patient and Care-giver make call to this number seeking information about cancer treatment, guidance, doctor appointment, Palliative Care, registration for Home Care. We have panel of Doctors across the cities who are committed to offer free consultation and guidance. Helpline numbers are life line numbers of all cancer patients requiring diverse kind of help.
Total number of Patients and Family registered – 480
Total Helpline calls – 1100

Pratishruti Palliative Home Care Project:

It is the first of its kind in the North East to offer the service in community mode from a non government initiative which also Started on 15th December 2018. The palliative Home visit/ consultation/ care are completely free in Dibrugarh and neighbouring district. Home-based palliative care services are becoming increasingly popular with care being taken to the doorstep of the patient. Ideally, this is where people are most comfortable at the end of their lives, surrounded by their loved ones. It is also well suited to conditions in India where a family member is usually available and willing to nurse the sick person. Pratishruti Palliative Home Care is a community level project having a vision of complete voluntary participation of the people, for the people, by the people and through the people approach to provide Palliative Care Service at door step. Pratishruti Palliative Home Care team consist of Doctors, Nurses and Social Workers trained in Palliative Care and are willing to give volunteer service. One of the  most respected Assamese film Director   who received over dozens of international awards for movies volunteered to become BRAND AMBASSADOR of this deeply humanitarian service.
Total Home Care Patients- 90
Total Home Care Visits- 245

The Year Long Activities :

In this span of 3 years, PRATISHRUTI along with Assam Medical College and Hospital, Assam Cancer Care Foundation, Non Communicable Disease Program of National Health Mission of Govt. of India was involved in organizing over 35 Cancer Screening Camps in Block PHC and Health Centers in Dibrugarh District and 7 Cancer Screening camps were organized in association with Deepsikha Foundation, Lions Club of Brahmaputra Valley , All Assam Students Union Dibrugarh, Dibrugarh Jila Mahila Samiti, Shruti Silpi Samaj and other NGOs in Dibrugarh. In all these camps, around 4000 people were screened. The patients suspected and detected with Cancer in these camps were given proper counseling and guidance for further investigation and continuous follow-up and treatment.

Oral, Breast, Cervical, Oesophagus, Gall Bladder and other Tobacco related cancer are increasing in trend in Assam and North East. There are many risk factors which are known to cause cancer. So, due importance was also given to Cancer Awareness lectures, rallies and joining hands with other organizations in various colleges, clubs, villages, etc . A Total of 40 Cancer Awareness Programmes were organized by PRATISHRUTI in the district of Dibrugarh. A large numbers of organizations are associated and participated in this mission in various locations by which Pratishruti could reach out to larger community and motivate for screening.

As a part of the project, with the help of The Principal, Assam Medical College & Hospital, a ‘Cancer & Palliative Care Support Desk’ was started in Cancer Ward of AMCH. A team of Volunteers were available in the support desk to provide all type of help to the cancer patients and their family including managing of bed sore. So far 330 patients are registered with PRATISHRUTI in AMCH Cancer Ward Help Desk. Due to unavoidable circumstances the Help Desk in the cancer Ward of AMC have been stopped. However the service is being continued from our registered office and as mobile help desks during screening programmes.

  1. 27th January, 2018: Symposium on Palliative Care for Volunteers, Nurses and Doctors.
  2. 8th April, 2018: Palliative Care hands-on training Training.
  3. 3rd February, 2019: Awareness Camp on Breast and Ovarian Cancer organised by Indian.
  4. 24th February, 2019: Orientation and Training in Palliative Care with hands-on Training supported by Department of Radiation Oncology, AMCH; Department of Psychiatry, AMCH & Guwahati Pain and Palliative Care Society.
  5. 9th October, 2019: A Sensitization programme on Palliative Care supported by Lions Club of Brahmaputra Valley.
  6. 20th October, 2019: Cancer Awareness Programme for ANM, ASHA Supervisor and ASHA Worker supported by Dibrugarh District Health Society.
  7. 18th November, 2019: Seminar on “Role of Women in Pallative Home Care” supported by Dibrugarh Zila Mahila Samiti.

Programme Resources:

Pratishruti has been providing essential humanitarian palliative and cancer care services to the community by focusing on making its project and services self sustainable. The sustainability of our projects can primarily be attributed to 2 major factors. One is free or unpaid services- consultative services of doctors, on ground and execution services by volunteers/ nurses/ other paramedical workers. Second is community support through donors’ contribution and joint ventures with other supporting organizations.

Pratishruti is also proud to have been invited at the 27th International Conference of Indian Association of Palliative care to be held at Guwahati February 2020 to present its operational model – highlighting the underlying factors of executing of essential services in a unique way.

We believe in community participation in a very assertive way, though it is nominal amount, Rs 100 /per month donation build a strong foundation. Till date the total number of donors approx. 300 and fractions are as follows:

We believe in community participation in a very assertive way, though it is nominal amount, Rs 100 /per month donation build a strong foundation. Till date the total number of donors approx. 300 and fractions are as follows:

State Bank of India, Administrative Office Dibrugarh118,500.00
Geeta Devi Agarwalla60,000.00
Rajib Das21,000.00
Leela Dutta20,000.00
Dr. Neetu Kr. Das15,000.00
Ruchika Khadaria11,000.00
Dr. Pankaj Deka10,000.00
Dr. Rashmi Ahmed10,000.00
Sameer Riziwan Ahmed10,000.00
400 donors [names listed in]

New Announcement for 2019 to 2020

State Level Cancer Awareness campaign : Pratishruti initiated a State Level Cancer Care Awareness campaign which was formally flagged off on 20th October 2019 with a “Cancer Awareness Programme” . It was to train ANM, and ASHA Worker and ASHA supervisor with focus on Awareness on Cancer, Breast Cancer and Cancer Care .This programme was supported by Dibrugarh District Health Society The aim of the awareness on common cancers in Assam, risk factors, the early diagnosis by Cancer Screening process for those without a disease, Cancer care basics such as diagnostics, types of treatment for those with disease and undergoing treatment and palliative care for advance stage of cancer. It would be conducted in different places of Assam with our supporting organizations and media partners which will cover the free consultations of patients of that particular locality by our panel of experts. To enhance the impact of the program Rally, Awareness walk, runs or interactive programs and meetings will be organized using educative materials, lectures, and through media. Cancer Screening programme will also be organized.

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